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The Chapel affords a unique, convenient location for the funeral service. Inviting private meditation, this reverently beautiful structure, seating 200, is in perfect harmony with the general feeling of peace and dignity that characterizes Clover Hill Park Cemetery.

Respect for the Dead. Concern for the Living.
The important rituals of "K"vod Hamet, "Respect for the Dead" and "K"vod Hechal, "Concern for the Living" are stringently observed at CLover Hill Cemetery. The Chevra Kadisha (The Holy Association) of Congregation Shaarey Zedek maintains the time-honered practice of supervising proper and uniform burial rituals for the deceased.

For All Time
Trust Funds provide perpetual maintenance for the entire cemetery. The existence of this growing fund assures that, in perpetuity, the cemetery will be maintained in the same quality manner and with the same beauty and serenity that make Clover Hill Park Cemetery one of the most beautiful cemetery parks in America. Perpetual Summer and/or Winter decorations are available for each individual grave at an additional cost.

Before the Need Arises
There is a deep and abiding satisfaction from the knowledge that by purchasing burial sites before an urgent need arises, survivors are spared this decision during their moment of sorrow, and are able tp thoughtfully choose their idea location.
A "before-need" purchase assures you of considerable savings in the years to come. It also affords an opportunity to plan together for the benefit of the entire family, and experience the feeling of satisfaction that you have "put your house in order".

At Time of Need
For your comfort and convenience, our staff will always be available to offer you assistance and to arrange for all of the services that we provide at the time of need.



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