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Message from the Executive Director

June 24, 2019



I am excited to share that our Clover Hill renovation project is underway.  We have moved our offices into a temporary trailer parked next to the Mandell L. Berman Administration building. We are 100% back in business with phones, IT, files, and workspace all up and running. We have already had a number of visitors stop by to purchase markers, monuments, and inquire about burial locations.


The demolition of the workspace began this morning, with ceiling tiles, walls, and interior work well underway. Signage is on order to direct and inform our guests of the temporary facilities. The furniture has been donated and will be removed in the next day or two. The chapel updates will take place in a few weeks.


I have updated the website informing people about our temporary workspace and restrooms. We will try to keep the exterior restrooms as long as possible, and when no longer accessible, we will direct people to the chapel restrooms or to a portable unit we will have delivered next week. Also, I have rented a wash station that will be available outside of the trailer.


It is all very exciting, and only made possible by your support, the generosity of our donors, and the hard work of our entire Clover Hill Team who packed and moved the entire office in two days.

I look forward to updating you on a regular basis and hope you will stop by to take a look when you are in the area.


Best regards and many thanks for your continued support,


Kim Raznik

Executive Director

Clover Hill Park Cemetery

June 24, 2019

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