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Clover Hill Park Cemetery, spread over 60 acres, is divided into 29 Sections, with a variety of burial options. Each section has a specific layout for single lots, companion lots, family lots, family circles, blended families, and cremains. Each section is designed for a specific style of monument or marker.

                   SINGLE LOT           FAMILY LOT      GARDEN SECTION     CREMAINS LOT 

   CSZ Member:               $3,000                     $3,900                    $8,000                            $4,800               

   Non-Member:               $4,800                     $5,500                    $9,000                            $4,800

The interment (burial) is a separate service provided by Clover Hill Park Cemetery.

The cost of the interment is $4,500 and includes the opening and closing of the grave, the setting of the vault (purchased through Funeral Home), perpetual summer floral decorations, and

the perpetual care of the cemetery.

Please call the cemetery office to arrange a personal consultation with our Executive Director Kim Raznik, 

so you can select a location that feels appropriate for you and your family.


Prices effective February 1, 2024

Lot Sales


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